School-IMS Online Pricing

School-IMS Online Pricing


N600 /student/term


N1,000 /student/term


N1,200 /student/term

FeaturesBreak Down

Standard Premium Ultimate
Partly Start/Work Offline when No/Poor Network
Student Management System
Receipt Management System
Bill Management System
Fees Management System
Result Management System
Class Management System
Daily Attendance Management
Web-Portal for Parents/Students
E-Assessments Management System (CBT Online)
E-Assessments Management System (CBT Offline)
Lesson Plan Management System
Android Mobile Client for Parents/Student
Android Mobile Client for Teachers
Send Emails/SMS to Guardians and Teachers
Use Internal Office Memo
Fund Categorization
Vendor Management
Vendor Ledger/Financial Histories
Staff Management System
System Users Management
Audit Trail System
Procurement Management System
Expense Record System
Daily and Periodic Financial Reports
Pushed Notification service
Bank Lodgements Records
Delete Bank Related transactions
Bank Withdrawal and Transfers Records
Bank Account Statements
Quotation Management
Materials Management
Materials Usage System
Materials Inventory System
Add Custom Fields Customer,Staff,Invoice,Quotation
Create Custom Modules
Create Custom Reports/Queries
Use Strategic Reports and Charts
SMS-Based Notification service
Achievement Logs Management System
Requisition Management System
Standard Accounting Modules
Petty Cash Account System
Fixed Assets Management System
Multi School-Location
Multi Currency
Payroll Management System
Budget Management System
Note: The bill for configuring your School-IMS account(s) and training of system users is not inclusive in the license fee. The certified School-IMS expert will bill you seperately for thier service based on the nature of your request.